Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Pastries and more at Le Matin De Paris in Annandale

I can't tell you how many times I have driven past Le Matin de Paris on Little River Turnpike in Annandale, Virginia.   It moved a few years ago from a more crowded storefront on a quieter street to its current location and, although I had fond memories of the cookies and croissants, I just hadn't made time for it before.    Looking for a new spot for breakfast and lunch I ended up making two trips to the place.   It's spacious and modern inside, with plenty of comfortable seating, large sunny windows, and beautiful displays of cakes, cookies, and pastries.  Plus the place offers sandwiches and light fare along with coffees and tea lattes.  The counter staff is cheerful and happy to see you.   It's mostly self-serve but you get your coffee in large ceramic cups and your food is served on real plates unlike the chain coffeehouses.

This is no ordinary French bakery.  It's one of several Korean French bakeries in Annandale, so while it offers tender, crusty croissants and gorgeous cakes dripping with fruit and chocolate ribbons, it also offers donuts filled with bean paste and fluffy breads with chestnut, hazelnut or blueberry cream.  On my first trip I had a warmed almond croissant that was perfect, a custard filled donut covered in ground cake crumbs instead of the usual powdered sugar, and a cup of tea.  Noting that this treasure also had WiFi, I made a point of taking one of my constantly e-tethered sons there for a late lunch.  He had a Korean Beef sandwich and French Onion Soup along with a Green Tea Latte.  I opted for a tasty bowl of spaghetti and another tender almond croissant along with a large cup of cappucino.  I didn't get much of the croissant because my son snagged most of it while I was picking through the baskets full of rusks, black sesame cookies, almond cookies and other treats so I could take some home for later.

Food - 4 flies; Customer Service - 4 butterflies

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