Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Riding High at Silverado

Silverado's is a local Annandale treasure.  It's one of several restaurants in the same restaurant group as Mike's American, Best Buns, the Carlyle, and Sweetwater, among others.  Even though it is part of this group, it offers its own unique atmosphere and decor.  The place is adorned with fascinating, fun cowboy art and features a large bronze cowboy on a horse in the central bar area. It can get very busy and a little noisy but the food - ah, the food is uniformly wonderful.

My son ordered Southwestern rolls as an appetizer, and I ordered calimari.  The rolls were crispy and overflowing with fresh herbs, chicken, corn, peppers and a zesty sauce.  The calimari was hot, fresh and tender, and coated in a light, crunchy batter and served on a plate with a spicy, creamy sauce.   For dinner my son ordered crab cakes that were pure lumps of crab meat lightly bound together and broiled.  It was served with a homemade chunky coleslaw that has a little zestiness to it and long shoestring fries.  I ordered a tender and flavorful 7 ounce steak served with sauted, saucy mushrooms and redskin mashed potatoes.  It came with a generous Caesar salad that was filled with crunchy romaine lettuce, fresh ingredients and FLAVOR!   The iced tea was freshly brewed and had a bright, clean taste.  

One thing that Silverado's takes seriously is customer service.  The place, even at its busiest, is swarming with wait staff and managers attending to every table.  No sooner do you move your glass to the side than another magically appears at your table.

Food - 5 flies; Customer Service - 5 butterflies

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